Court Options is a pioneer in Miami-Dade County, offering SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) services, a dual-function device providing continuous alcohol monitoring and house arrest capabilities. Our SCRAM program is designed to support hardcore drunk drivers (HCDDs) in making positive changes before they impact others, with a remarkable compliance rate.

This program will provide Continuous Alcohol Monitoring protocol into supervision programs that include education, sanctions, treatment, and incarceration.  SCRAMx is setting new standards for the way agencies and the courts supervise and treat DUI, domestic violence, and other alcohol triggered offenders by combining continuous alcohol monitoring and safety with automated, passive testing from 24 to 48 times per day.  SCRAMx is a valuable tool for prosecutors and Courts.  Daily reporting of test results can be delivered right to your desktop.

How it Works:

  • Appointment for Pick-Up: To obtain a SCRAM device or remote breath monitor, an appointment is required. This ensures that we provide you with personalized service and proper fitting.
  • Applicable Cases: These monitoring solutions are typically required for cases involving alcohol-related offenses, repeat DUIs, and as a condition for certain probation agreements.
  • Ankle Monitors for Probation: For those on probation, we also provide ankle monitors. The process involves coordinating with probation offices to ensure compliance with monitoring conditions.
  • Contact for Information: Have questions or need to set up an appointment? Reach out to or call extension 116.
  • Request a Call: Need detailed information? Request a phone call, and we’ll get back to you to address your inquiries.
  • Monitoring Requirements: Monitoring is an essential condition for both BOT TIER 1 and BOT TIER 2 programs, ensuring adherence to court-imposed requirements.
  • Additional Support: If you’re considering installing an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in your vehicle, contact Life Safer at (877) 527-1597 for professional installation and support.

Prosecutors and Courts can now effectively:

  • Assess offenders for their alcohol problem
  • Detect alcohol around the clock while they’re under court supervision
  • Deter defendants from drinking and relapsing while they’re on the road to recovery
  • Assist treatment counselors with an accurate report of alcohol consumption, rather than relying on self-reports

The SCRAMx Program will:

  • Provide Public Safety for our Community.
  • Reduce recidivism.
  • Reduce the number of individuals driving while under the influence.
  • Save tax dollars for the local community by providing alternative sentencing options for the court instead of incarceration.
  • Assist the defendant and the family during recovery by allowing the individual to remain employed in the community.


$7/day – Remote Breathalyzer

$10/day – Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet

At Court Options, we’re committed to providing a reliable and effective monitoring solution to safeguard our community and support offender reform.