We offer a variety of comprehensive services that can be individualized and offered in any combination in order to address the specific needs of the client and/or criminal justice system.

Back On Track (DUI Diversion)

The Back on Track program is a DUI diversion program for those defendants who have been arrested for driving under the influence. The State Attorney’s Office will determine who is eligible for the program.

Case Supervision/Management

Court Options practices a specialized caseload strategy for all caseloads. We believe this specialized approach provides specific knowledge and understanding of the issues related to the offense.

Community Service Supervision

This program involves placing individuals who are required to perform community service—often as part of their participation in felony or misdemeanor diversion or probation programs—with local, non-profit agencies.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program (SCRAMx)

This program will provide Continuous Alcohol Monitoring protocol into supervision programs that include education, sanctions, treatment, and incarceration.

Court Representation

Court Representation is a specialized legal service designed to assist clients in navigating the complexities of the legal system.

Criminal Record Seal and Expungement Workshop

Record Seal is the practice of sealing or destroying court records that would otherwise be publicly accessible as public records.

Evidence Based Curriculum and Programming

The “Evidence-Based Curriculum and Programming” service is a specialized offering typically provided by educational institutions, correctional facilities, social service agencies, or legal organizations.

Felony Recidivism Reduction

This service is a comprehensive program aimed at decreasing the likelihood that individuals convicted of felonies will re-offend after their release from incarceration or completion of their sentence.

Felony, Misdemeanor & Traffic Pre-Trial Diversion

Pre-trial diversion (PTD) is an alternative to prosecution offered exclusively by the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office that provides offenders with a viable alternative to a criminal conviction.

Financial Literacy & Job Skills Workshop

Our Financial Literacy & Job Skills Workshop is a dynamic and interactive program designed to equip participants with essential tools for managing personal finances and enhancing employability. This workshop is ideal for individuals seeking to gain a solid foundation in financial understanding and improve their job-related skills in today’s competitive market. Key Features: Comprehensive Financial…

License 2 Drive

The State Attorney’s Office in coordination with the courts, Broward County Clerk of Courts, and law enforcement launched the License 2 Drive program to help certain traffic offenders obtain a valid driver’s license.