Nurturing Parenting Program
Court Options provides an evidenced-based, court-approved Nurturing Parenting Program designed for Dependency and Family Court clients.
Listed below are the components of this Program:
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test (AAPI)
  • Pre- and Post-Parent/Child Observations (children under 5 yrs old only)
  • Monthly Status Report
  • Case Management
  • 13 Nurturing Parenting Sessions
  • 2 hour sessions per week
  • Letters of Attendance and Completion
  • Final Report
Effective Parenting - 14 weeks
This Nurturing Parenting course is evidence-based, court-approved and run by a certified parenting instructor. The Adult/Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI) assesses the parenting and child-rearing attitudes of adults. The course focuses on competency-based lessons to help adults acquire specific techniques that will help improve overall parenting skills. Clients explore beliefs and attitudes that influence their current parenting practices.
Nurturing Parent - 14 weeks
Nurturing Skills for Families model designed to empower parents and parent educators in creating customized, competency-based parenting programs to meet the specific needs of families. Parents are required to complete a pre- and post-Adult/Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2) to measure parenting beliefs, knowledge and skills. The AAPI scores develop a profile that can help determine programs or actions needed. Based on the assessed needs of the family, parents and parent educators work together utilizing the scores from the Adult/Adolescent Parenting Inventory to develop competency-based lessons.
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