Frequently Asked Questions
What is Court Options and the Pretrial Diversion Program?
Court Options is a private service organization committed to offering a comprehensive array of quality court related services. We have developed several programs with the State Attorney's Office for first time offenders. The Pretrial Diversion Program (PTD)is a Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office program. State Attorney's may offer PTD to a person that has no prior criminal arrests in Miami-Dade County. If you qualify and successfully complete the program you are GUARANTEED to have your case Nolle Prossed (dropped charges).
How can I be referred to the program?
There are two (2) ways that you can qualify to participate in The Pretrial Diversion Program (PTD). You can be referred directly from Court or Court Options may send a Letter of Eligibility to individuals charged with certain crimes that meet the criteria for enrollment.
What can exclude me from qualifying for the program?
It depends on your criminal arrest history. Criteria that is set forth by the State Attorney's Office determines all acceptions and exclusions.
Is it considered an arrest if I was never taken into custody?
Unfortunately, although you were not taken into custody, you have been charged with a misdemeanor crime. You may have signed a "PTA" ("Promise to Appear") which is technically an arrest. The police officer that responded to the scene has the discretion of taking you into custody or having you sign a complaint/arrest affidavit in which you understand that you are willing to appear before the court in the future.
How long is the Pretrial Diversion Program?
Cases will be Nolle Prossed (dropped charges) between 3 and 9 months from the date you enter the program. This timeline has been predetermined by the State Attorney's Office based on the severity of the crime.
What about my bond money? Do I get that back?
Yes. At the conclusion of the case, the depositor of the bond must submit or mail the original cash bond receipt to the Clerk's Office Central Bond Unit, 1351 NW 12 Street, Suite 9000, Miami, Florida 33125. The bond will be refunded by mail within 10 business days.
How do I know what steps to take to complete the program?
Court Options employs qualified individuals who supervise and monitor the client's progress through the program, ensuring you successfully comply with all conditions pertaining to your case. You will be assigned a Case Manager at the time you register, who will guide you each step of the way to make sure you complete the program successfully.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, debit cards, credit cards, personal checks and money orders made payable to Court Options. Payments can be made in person at one of our convenient locations or by phone. You can also utilize the option to make payments online with our new secure payment options. Payments by mail may be in the form of a personal check, money order or cashier's check, made payable to Court Options. Please ensure you write your case number on all correspondences including payments by mail.
How often do I have to attend class?
Courses range between 4-12 hours, You may need to attend one (1) to (2) classes based on the charges against you.
Where and when are classes available?
Courses are offered at convenient times including evenings and weekends. We have 3 locations throughout South Florida.
Can I register for the progam and attend class if I live out of state?
Yes. You may contact one of our offices and request a Registration Packet be sent to you. Once you have registered with Court Options you will be assigned a Case Manager who will review course options with you including courses available on line.
Do I have to return to court after I have completed the program to close my case?
No. If you successfully completed the program and are not rearrested during the time your case is open, the charges pending against you will be automatically Nolle Prossed (dropped charges). Your case manager will send the proper documentation to advise the State Attorney's Office and Clerk's Office that you have successfully completed your requirements.